We are clearly aware of the positive contributions of consultancy and strategy services. We also understand its effect if ruled out. Thus, to avoid immediate or imminent business failures a distinct department within our corporate organization was created for this purpose. We have taken a careful look at our business environment and the often demands of our clients with a resolve to providing appropriate assistance. This we believe will check “unpredictability” syndrome which has become permanent nightmare in all business arena.

An extension of our consultancy service is set-up and wind-up department. This is informed by our experience, which reveals that about 75% of partly ailing businesses or concerns are actually a manifestation of inappropriate decision during set-up and training stage. This simply means that most business failures could have been avoided if only the correct decision were taken. For the non-profit organizations, we undertake either restructuring or diversification. In any of these events, FORTERA NIGERIA LIMITED takes full responsibility in the future of these corporations.

Like most consultancy and strategy service company, we count on our client's absolute disclosure, co-operation and a considerable level of trust in our proposals.