FORTERA NIGERIA LIMITED offers superior solutions for the oil and gas industry. We are defined by our reliability, customer-centric and results-driven processes that get our customers to their targets, with a great amount of efficiency and precision.

We are globally renowned for our technical expertise in procuring, maintaining and refurbishing oil & gas equipments. Our Service Team consists of oil and gas experts who are knowledgeable on how it is to work in the field, thus able to provide fit-for-purpose solutions with fast turnover. Our services meet international standards and our facilities streamline the manufacturing process, therefore guaranteeing an above-benchmark on your project.

Our services are broadly categorized into support completions, production and operations. They are designed to be durable and flexible in the field to get the job right safely for our customers who usually require installations in potentially hazardous locations. To ensure we carry out installations, operations, maintenance and repairs in the safest way possible, we strictly impose familiarity of operational manuals for each of our tools and equipment, and thoroughly train our personnel on all necessary procedures.


FORTERA NIGERIA LIMITED provides vessel charter services and transshipment operation services, supporting the oil and gas industry. Our services are designed to meet client needs in downstream and upstream sectors. With a modern, diverse and technologically advanced fleet, we provide a full range of services even in the harshest of environments.

We adhere rigorously to global operational standards guidelines in the performance of our services, as well as the relevant local content, cabotage and operational laws of the countries we operate in. We maintain a fleet with diverse capabilities and can provide the right vessel to meet our customers' needs.

Across the continent, we have access to proprietary and leased energy infrastructure, from tanks to railcars and pipelines, which enables FORTERA NIGERIA LIMITED to source and lift crude oil to market from production locations to major market hubs.